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welcome to a site dedicated to answer all your questions about the Master of Global Business at SP Jain.
Here you will find what SP Jain School of Global Management is offering, to simplify this ever complicated world of superior studies and help you decide between the various options of global MBAs you have on hand. 

Be it the latest news about this MBA program at SP Jain, or knowledge and experiences that other candidates or alumni have shared, you will get to know what this program is about in a holistic way. You will also be able to post your own questions or start discussion topics to receive advice from people who have undergone the selection process - some of them from the first ever graduating class in 2012, the pioneers.

On this platform, you will find multiple voices, especially from current or recently graduated MBA students that will help answer your queries. This will let you understand and get ground-level information to make on one of the most important decisions of your life. 

We also encourage you to share your experience in the forum section, so that we grow this community and help back other aspirants.

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